World Fair Trade Day afholdes 12. maj 2015 og markeres i Fairtrade butikkerne landet over. 

The 2018 theme: “Live Fair, one product at a time”

You can support Fair Trade one product at a time. From breakfast to dinner time, there are many ways you can include Fair Trade products in your daily consumption. Delight your day with a cup perfectly roasted Dominican coffee in the morning, or sport a finely crafted artisanal bracelet from Guatemala, or wear a floral skirt made by empowered women in India, or enjoy a bar of organic chocolate from Ghanaian cocoa farmers, or adorn your house with a masterfully handcrafted home decoration from Indonesia.   

Encouraging fair consumption promotes conscientious purchasing of products based on functionality, necessity and usefulness. Fair consumers can help promote responsible production and save the planet from exploitation and further degradation. The balance between economic and ecological sustainability is the guiding motto of living fairly. 

Take action

Organise your own #FairTradeDay and #livefair campaigns. See list of recommended activities.